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I'm out to prove I've got nothing to prove!

Skills: Photoshop skills, cooking skills, computer hacking skills, numb chuck skills, not-listening-but-making-it-look-like-I-am skills.

What is your campaign slogan?
Vote for Jane. She'll get large cookies to be served with lunch.

Imagine it's your first day of duty as the Moderator of the Napoleon Dynamite Community and someone says to you, "Unless we do something now, evil robots will take over the earth in less than ten years" What would you do?
Sign a peace treaty with the robots. We can share the planet.

If you could have one mystical beast as a pet, what would it be and why?
Do you even have to ask? I WANT A UNICORN!

If you had to watch just one scene, say you'd been imprisoned for eternity by evil overlord, what one scene from Napoleon Dynamite could you watch endlessly until saved by your loyal subjects?
The Dance Sequence! Ain't nothing better than that! While I'm waiting to be rescued, I'll be doing the dance along with Napoleon.

Top three reasons to believe in Napoleon Dynamite.
1. He's the best tether ball player in the school.
2. He made tether ball cool.
3. He's made me a better person. Okay, not really, but that seriously called for something cheesy.

If you could take any food product and turn it into a tot, other than potatoes and create a tot, what would you select and why?
Chocolate pudding!

Do you know sign language? If yes, prove it.
I know 75% of the sign language alphabet. *waves hands incoherently*

If you were going to the drive-in, perhaps to see a sweet film like ENTER THE DRAGON or CHOPPING MALL, but could only fit four other people in your car, what four people from history, fiction or the realm of magic kingdoms would you take as your guests? And if you could sneak someone in your trunk, who would that be?
It's be:
1. Me
2. Napoleon
3. Milo Ventimiglia
4. Harry Potter
5. Captain Jack Sparrow
6. Link from Zelda
Notice that I only chose men who are my heartthrobs? I am such a whore.

What is your favorite color other than blue, red, green or mint?
Black because I'm a happy emo kid!

If you had one of those new fancy tape players that holds 5,000 songs, which 5,000 songs would play on it?
Every song by Nickelback, my favorite American Idol finalists, the soundtracks to Rent and High School Musical (the sequel does not exist to me!), and The Wedding Singer. The other 3,877 songs will just be random stuff I come by.
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